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Contact us for more information on the following classes - unless otherwise indicated, all courses are held at the Instructor's studio in Haverhill, MA - Special sessions can be arranged at your site for a minimum of 4 students for the same fee structure. Additional materials will be available for purchase at all classes:

Introduction to  Metal Clay - clay type           3 hrs- $45 plus materials fee     pmcintroa.JPG  

 Learn all about the clay version of silver metal clay as you create several pairs of uniquely textured fine silver earrings, or a unique toggle-style clasp or pendant.  Syringe set gemstones can add color. Add a patina to highlight textural details. Dangle optional pearls or other gemstones to add a touch of glamour and elegance. As the kiln fires, class members will examine other forms of metal clay and are treated to a  demonstration of alternative firing methods. No drawing or previous jewelry-making skills are necessary. Bring with you an exacto-type knife or scalpel with a clean blade, and something to make interesting textures, such as clean rubber stamps, polymer clay texture plates, buttons, lace, shells, bark, even dry pasta.  Materials fee  includes metal clay, 3 kiln-safe manmade gems and fine silver for earring wires and use of a class shared syringe (for gem setting) .  


Introduction  to Papertype Metal Clay 3 hrs  $45 plus materials feepmcintrob.JPG

 Have you ever seen a beautiful silver origami necklace and wondered how you could make one yourself? With papertype metal clay, you can. Use your existing origami or paper-folding skills to make a pendant and earrings by cutting and folding Metal Clay paper type. Embellish with optional manmade kiln-proof gems. As the kiln fires, class members will examine other forms of Metal Clay and are treated to a  demonstration of alternative firing methods. No drawing or previous jewelry-making skills are necessary. Bring with you an exacto-type knife or scalpel with a clean blade or sharp scissors. Materials fee  includes 1 package of  paper-type metal clay, silver wire for fire in place pendant bails and earring wires, and use of a the kiln. Optional manmade kiln-proof gems and additional materials may be purchased from the instructor.


Introduction to Syringe-type Metal Clay Filigree Pendant/Earrings pmcintroc.JPG

3 hrs $45 +  materials fee


Create a unique fine silver filigree pendant or earrings, using the syringe-type metal clay. Add a manmade gemstone using the syringe. Bring in a sketch of the design you'd like to make (or use one of the instructor's stock designs). As the kiln fires, class members will examine other forms of Metal Clay and are treated to a  demonstration of alternative firing methods. Materials fee includes 1 metal clay syringe , 3 kiln-safe manmade gems and fine silver for fire in place pendant bails and earring wires. Additional materials for the ambitious will be available for purchase.



Introduction to Paste-type Metal Clay    pmcintrod.JPG (4 hrs total) $60 plus materials fee

    1 hr introduction & start the covering process  -  3 hrs (at least 1 week later)  firing & finishing

You've seen them in the fashionable eco-stores - those beautiful pendants made from leaves or seedpods. Now you can learn how to make your own. Several coats of metal clay paste are applied to actual leaves, twigs, seed pods or handmade paper shapes and allowed to dry. Once completely covered, these are fired in a kiln and magically turn to pure silver!  No previous jewelry-making skills are necessary. Materials fee  includes 1 pot of paste -type metal clay and use of the instructor's kiln . Additional metal clay paste  can be purchased from the instructor, if desired. Students should bring in the object they want to cover (small fresh {not dried} maple, oak, gingko or hydrangea leaves are ideal) or a dried seed pod will be available from the instructor .


Open Workshop $50 per day (10 AM- 3 PM)- materials may be purchased separately

Students with previous class experience may schedule independent workshop time on a per diem basis as space allows at $50 per day, which includes the cost of firing.

Make a Metal Clay bracelet pmcbracelet.JPG    (4 hrs total) $60 plus materials fee

Learn to make a beautiful link-style bracelet, using a variety of textrue sheets. Prerequisite to this class is Introduction to clay-type metal clay or equivalent. Bring to class your metal clay tool kit or a scalpel or exacto-type knife with a clean blade, small beads, if desired, to adorn your wire links) and a favorite texture sheet- or use one from the instructor's collection. Materials fee $45 includes molding materials, sterling wire and clay-type metal clay. We'll fire in class and you'll learn how to connect the links. 


Fine Silver Wraparound Ring  3 hrs $45 plus materials fee                                                 

Do you have a ring design in your mind, but can't find it in any store? Design and fabricate your own original fine silver ring using  clay type metal clay. You'll take home a beautiful, finished ring from the class. No previous metalwork experience needed, but students should have completed  Introduction to clay-type metal clay  or a similar introductory metal clay class, as this class takes you to the next level . This class covers techniques to create a wraparound ring and patination. Bring your metal clay toolkit  along with interesting textures, such as buttons, lace, shells, bark, even dry pasta! . (N.B.  the class does not include 2 hour break as a  longer firing time required for additional strength)


 Metal Clay- gilding the Lily  4 hrs (2- 2 hr sessions at least 1 week apart)    pmcaura.JPG

4 hrs   $60 plus materials fee    

So you've taken a metal clay introductory  class and love the silver, but you want to "kick it up a notch" by adding gold. In the first class you'll fabricate a textured Metal Clay piece, fire it, and apply your first coat of  liquid  22K gold. At home over the next week, you'll apply several additional coats of liquid gold. In the second class you'll fire your finished pendant or earrings and learn how to burnish them to a gorgeous golden glow. Additional materials will be available for purchase.

 Metal Clay and fused dichroic glass pendant  6 hours over 2 days     pmcdichro.JPG    

6 hrs   $90 plus materials fee                                                               

For those who've completed an introduction to clay-type metal clay course and want to learn how to combine fused glass and fine silver, this is your class. In the first session, you'll learn three different techniques for combining metal clay and glass.  Due to the lengthy cool-down or annealing time required when using fused glass, firing will take place outside the class. In the second session you'll finish and patinate your new creations. Materials fee  includes a prefired dichroic glass cabochons, clay type metal clay  and use of the instructor's syringe. Additional materials will be available for purchase. Bring your Metal Clay tool kit.