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Precious Metal Clay and Art Clay SIlver  -Copper and Bronze Clays

The Alchemist's Dream - Clay into Silver and Gold, Copper or Bronze
Silver and Gold Clay (PMC  and Art Clay Silver)  were developped in the late 1990's. using reclaimed silver from photo processing mixed with organic nontoxic binders 
and water, The result is a soft material that can be fabricated and fired just like clay. During the firing process, using either a small kitchen torch or kiln, the binder and 
water burn off and the metal particles fuse together to become pure silver or gold. 
Stones can be set in place and fired or set in traditional bezels after firing. 
Textures are limited only to the artist's imagination. 
Finished Silver or Gold can be enameled using traditional methods. 
Anyone can make beautiful silver and gold jewelry in the comfort of their own home.  
Silver and Gold Clays can also be used to accent pottery, polymer clay and fine porcelain.
New in 2009 were the additions of Copper and Bronze Clays.
I teach in my studio and  at the Brookline (MA) Adult Education program (http://www.brooklineadulted.org/). 
In addition  private instruction, party classes and workshops can be given at your home, studio, school, bead and ceramic stores or art association - almost any room that has 
a well ventilated space sufficient to accommodate reasonable working space for the students -  classes are available in metal clay, polymer clay and fused glass.
Polymer Clay, either by itself, or in combination with glass beads or metal clay, is truly a chameleon medium. 
It can be used to replicate stone or glass beads. It can be molded, sculpted, painted, tinted or carved prior too or after baking. 
Check out my mixed media jewelry and home accessories. 
Judy Haupin
Haverhill, MA 01832                                            catch my blog at
judy@silvergoldnglass.com                           http://silverpolyglass.blogspot.com/   

Art Clay World Certified Senior Instructor        Rio Rewards Certified Instructor      PMC Connection  Level 1 & 2 Certified

Member of Art Clay Society, Bead Designer International, National Polymer Clay Guild,NHPCG, CMPCG, PMC Guild

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